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Exxeos Press Release – June 10, 2011 – Dr. Gary Cort Voted Best Presenter

June 19th, 2012Posted by Exxeos

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico – Dr. Gary Cort conducted his acclaimed workshop “From Lean Management to Lean Leadership” at the XVI Foro Mundial de la Calidad y de la Gestión de la Mejora in May 2012 before a standing-room-only audience. His practical message for energizing Lean systems by applying the revolutionary Xform methodology to organizational leadership […]

Exxeos Press Release – Nov. 16, 2011 – Dr. Gary Cort Advises International Electoral Experts

December 20th, 2011Posted by Exxeos

PANAMA CITY, Panama – Over two days of intensive meetings sponsored and hosted by the Organization of American States (OAS) Gary worked with electoral experts and management specialists from throughout the Western Hemisphere to finalize the first draft of a proposed international standard for the management of elections. Subject to the approval of the international […]

Exxeos Press Release – Oct. 31, 2011
 – Dr. Gary Cort Brings Performance Excellence Message to China

December 20th, 2011Posted by Exxeos

BEIJING, China – While presiding over the 28th annual meeting of ISO Technical Committee 176, which is responsible for the evolution of the ISO 9000 family of international standards, Gary conferred with Dr. Chen Gang, President of the China Administration for Standardization on the future of management systems in a rapidly changing, globalized world. The […]

Exxeos Press Release – Oct. 19, 2011 – Gary Shares Program with Nobel Laureates

December 20th, 2011Posted by Exxeos

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Gary presented the Plenary Lecture, “Innovating outside the Comfort Zone” at the 2011 Week of Science and Innovation Conference, sharing the opening-day program with Nobel Laureates Dr. Edmund Phelps (Economics, 2006) and Dr. Ferid Murad (Medicine 2008). Addressing innovation from a foundation level, Gary discussed the fundamental dynamics of the innovation […]